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B&S Diplomatic is focused on selling an attractive selection of duty-free products to individual Diplomatic Agents, Embassies, Military and International Organizations worldwide and to assist them with the best-in-class services. For more than 25 years, B&S has been active in remote and diplomatic markets. Over the years we have developed an extensive international logistics network. Plus, we understand exactly what it takes to successfully deliver foods, goods and beverages. We work quickly, adapt to local conditions and establish dynamic regional supply structures that are reliable and efficient. Our extensive customs knowledge and regulatory expertise allows for a smooth international supply chain across borders. From product sourcing to delivery, from full container loads to consumer packages.


B&S Diplomatic has a strong global sourcing mechanism which enables us to act quickly and benefit from sourcing opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. With our presence in The Netherlands, Dubai and other satellite offices around the world we are able to build long term business relations and trusted partnerships.



Our warehouses uses the most modern equipment to work as accurately and efficiently as possible. For example, we use a robotized infrastructure for fast distribution direct-to-consumer. With a local presence in over 28 countries we have the ability to use multiple hubs to fasten the delivery to the consumer. The main warehouses that will be used are located in Jebel Ali (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and Dordrecht (The Netherlands).



B&S Diplomatic invests a lot of time and resources in raising awareness, so that compliance is seen by all employees as a top priority and is firmly embedded in the organization. For example, we have the following certificates:

• ISO22000: the most comprehensive food processing risk management system established at the highest level;

• HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points;

• AEO: Authorized Economic Operator.

We pride ourselves on operating the most licensed bonded warehouse across the European Union and following compliance processes and procedures certified to the highest standards.



B&S Diplomatic is committed to operate in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). To highlight our commitment to the 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption, we have been a member of the UN global compact (UNGC) since 2010. As a signatory, we submit a communication on progress to the UNGC on an annual basis.


Heading towards a sustainable future


We are involved in various projects. These projects are central to the goals we stand for to make the world a bit more beautiful than it already is. See below which charities we support.


H.B.E (Hasal Babs Ent) is a waste management company in Accra Ghana in the western part of Africa. It was started in the year 2000 by Rashid Janlu with financial assistance from Mr. Blijdorp of B&S Group from the Netherlands with the sole objective of improving access to hygienic sanitation by implementation and construction of Projects in low income communities in Accra Ghana.

Mr. W. A. Blijdorp has financed the projects which is being used by thousands of people at Sabon Zongo Accra, Taifa  and Lebanon in Ashaiman and the W. A. Water project in Ashaiman. Apart from the sanitation problem in these low income communities is also access to clean drinking water a problem. H. B. E in partnership with S. S. G. L ( Safi Sana Ghana Limited) turns the fecal waste from the H. B. E. Public washrooms into renewable energy and the rest product into fertilizer for the local farmers. What a way to go! A vacuum sewage truck was shipped from The Netherlands to Ghana and one was purchased in Ghana. It is being used for the transportation of fecal waste from the sites of H. B. E to the biogas plant of S.S.G.L. Availability of fresh drinking water is a fundamental problem faced by the people from these communities. H. B. E is planning to install more of these water treatment plants for the production of clean water for these low income communities.



Orange Babies strives for an HIV-free generation. For more than 20 years they have supported the most vulnerable women and children who (in)directly suffer from the consequences of the HIV epidemic. Orange Babies is active in Namibia, South Africa and Zambia, where the infection rate is very high while aid is scarce. B&S believes in developing reliable long-term solutions and that is why B&S is a proud supporter of Orange Babies educational programs. Orange Babies supports pregnant women on the one hand to bring their children into the world HIV-free, but on the other hand they also focus on the further development of these children to keep them HIV-free. The education sector has a special place in the response to the HIV epidemic because it not only helps form the thinking of the next generation, especially addressing stigma and prevention, but also increases their chances on higher education, leading to more possibilities within the labor market, which reduces the risk of HIV infection. Most children depend on nutritious meals they receive at school. This is also an important factor in the fight against HIV, as the HIV-inhibiting medication does not work well on an empty stomach.


This is why Orange Babies makes education a priority! 



'Jenga' is a Swahili word from meaning 'to build or develop'.

It is an ideal word that reflects the mission of likeminded individuals who came together to form Foundation Jenga Africa.

Foundation Jenga Africa is an independent charity foundation registered in the Netherlands in 2015. In a world filled with red tape, we are work directly with Local government and Registered Non-Governmental Organizations with similar objectives. We envision a future for children who have Better Health and Education in Kenya. Jenga Africa is committed to improve the health, education and livelihoods of disadvantaged children and communities in urban and rural Kenya.

We achieve this by directly supervising or financially supporting projects and organizations that aim at improving the health, education and livelihoods of disadvantaged children and communities in urban and rural Kenya. Our interventions are tailored to the various areas of work where the need is dire.

They began in 2015 by supporting 2 schools in 2 unique locations. In the heart of Nairobi lies Mathare Slum. Mathare Slum has an estimated population of 68,940 persons per sq.km. The slum children and youth are marred with challenges such as early introduction to Crime, Drug Abuse, Child Labour, HIV and AIDS, Unemployment, Early Pregnancy to name a few. As an intervention, we support various youth groups and a School with the aim of providing a safe haven where they get food, education, health checkups and psychological and social support from counsellors. They have had 5,943 children go through the school and youth training program.




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